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Delta Lady

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the world well lost

Sometimes, all it takes is a story.

I read The World Well Lost, and was impressed by it's subtle beauty and language. It had an effect on me that makes me want to write again. I wrote for a solid month (July) when I did a writing challenge. Sure, I wrote about 55,000 words...But most of them weren't right. I'm editing that story right now, sort of. Late for the Sky is so hard to write because I don't want to admit they're based on truth.

And I'm writing and journaling and whatever all my ideas. Everything that pops into my head is finding a home written down, whenever I can.

I just need to try again. I need to remember how it used to be.

Creativity is something that comes and goes. And it's been a year and a half since I've really had it within my grasp. I have a feeling something is going to change.
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