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An open letter to my mother

I figure, mother, that you'll be searching around the internet trying to find another place where I am being "bad".

And if you do manage to find this username, congratulations. You'll also note this name is under a dating site where I am interested in women. Yeah. Try and deny that one.

You tell me that it's not okay to be "out" about being...A CONSERVATIVE.
You threatened me- saying that I could either hand over my electronics (bye bye computer and phone), change my facebook political views, or move out.

I am not allowed, according to you, to show my support for the conservative party in any way.

Is it not enough that I'm in the closet because of your homophobia, I also have to hide my political views too?

WELL. I may have changed my facebook but only because I have nowhere else to go.
I am not going to deny my political affiliation ever.
I am going to keep being who I am regardless of you.

You said people were giving you dirty looks because of me.You know this how? You said you could lose your job...I'm sorry, but aren't liberals supposed to be a little more progressive than that? I could be wrong. I could see how it could hurt you if it was you...But it's me. Your 21 year old daughter.

And I am not sacrificing my beliefs.
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