Delta Lady (deltabean) wrote,
Delta Lady

time to say goodnight- a mix

Upon some reflection...I found a part of me that was very happy and very lucky about the love I recently had in my life. Yes, that person is no longer a part of my life...But it doesn't mean that they didn't help shape who I am now. And while I sometimes wonder how she dealt with me when I was a mess, but couldn't when I started to fall together...Well, I don't know. It's a little odd. But needless to say, I appreciate that experience and am using it now to gage what I want and what I don't. So it certainly wasn't a waste of time!

1) Aftertaste- Ben Lee
You gotta wonder
What it’s all about
Destiny was never up to me
And it’s not my fault

2) Living in Twilight- The Weepies
You get tied up in your day, so I let go and walk away
And now we're loose ends of the night
We are always living in twilight

3) Put a Record on- Unkle Bob
This time you'll find some other gonna mess your mind
It's too late or too soon
Some other gonna come too soon

4) At Least it Was- Emiliana Torrini
Ungraceful as I am in loving
And leaving I'm the same
It’s way too late to say I’m sorry
But I’ll say it anyway
-And when the day forwards
I guess it was love
And when the day forwards
At least it was

5) Falling Awake- Gary Jules
You know their gonna use
Things you love against you
One foot in the grave
One foot in the shower

6) What Happened- Jaymay
You're like the dream I can't forget
I won't regret we ever met
I'm curious, oh, i hardly mean to offend
What happened?

7) In Spite of all the Damage- The Be Good Tanyas
i.m living out my days away
I think you understand that I could not stay
But I like to hear you laughing
In spite of all the damage I've done

8) In The Sun- Joseph Arthur
I know i would apologize if i could see your eyes
'Cause when you showed me myself, you know, i became someone else
But i was caught in between all you wish for and all you need
I pictured you fast asleep
A nightmare comes
You can't keep awake

9) All Over Again- Fleetwood Mac
Cause in spite of the heartaches
And troubles in love
I'd do it all over
Do it all over again
-Each of us and everyone
Carries a burden of love
But as far as I go in my heart I know
It's you I'll be thinking of

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